K-2 Karl Kokko
3rd Darrin Voskuhl/Heidi Voskuhl
4th  Al Dantes
5th  Chad Cichosz
6th  Steph Kromer/Angela Wrona

K-2 Melissa Lahti/ Amber Kaurala
3rd- Chad Cichosz
4th  Chad Rice
5th  Steve Foucault / Steven Denomie
6th  Steve Foucault / Steven Denomie

L'Anse Hoops

L'Anse Hoops is founded on the basic principles of Fundamentals, Good sportmanship & Teamwork.  This organization is self-supporting & relies on volunteers for both funding & program leadership. 

The following is a list of people who help to direct our program.

Chad Rice- Coordinator

Chad Cichosz - Coordinator

The Elementary Hoops Basketball Program is comprised of K-6 grade students.  Each grade has two teams (one boy team and one girl team) that are coached by volunteer parents.  All practices are held at the L'Anse Area Schools, but the program is not officially affiliated with the school system.  

The season starts in early January and runs through April.  Children who are in grades 3-6 will travel throughout the UP to various schools for tournaments.  All tourney games are held on the weekends.  Those in grades K-2  only have weekly practices to learn the fundamentals of basketball.

L'Anse Hoops tourney  

Thank you to everyone that helped this weekend!